BP-2000 - Description:

Bodyian 1K primer-surfacer BP-2000 is a premium acrylic, based lacquer primer-surfacer designed for faster filling and less shrinkage than normal lacquer primer-surfacers. Drying time to sand is as little as 20 minutes and sands easily without clogging the sandpaper.

BP-4000 2K - Description:

BP-4000 is a high quality 2k acrylic urethane primer-surfacer for fast filling of repairs. BP-4000 sands easily without clogging the sandpaper and provides excellent adhesion, corrosion protection and color holdout.

BP-5000 2K - Description:

BP-5000 is a premium 2k acrylic urethane primer-surfacer designed for high build for fast filling of repairs. BP-5000 has excellent gloss holdout and solvent resistance. BP-5000 2K sands easily without clogging the sandpaper.

Clearcoat BC-2108 - Description:

Clearcoat BC-2108 is a general clearcoat designed for application in spray booths. It is especially suitable to body shops requiring better thorough dry for better shop productivity. BC-2108 also has quick drying time and excellent appearance.

Clearcoat BC-2000 - Description:

BC-2000 is an easy-applying clearcoat with excellent flow and melt-in properties. It is especially suitable for multi-panel repairs in the spray booth. BC-2000 is easy to apply and a high gloss acrylic urethane system with excellent durability. It matches with OEM basecoat/clearcoat.

Clearcoat BC-3000 - Description:

BC-3000 is a premium fast drying clearcoat for reparing spots from one panel to multi panels (2~4 panels) It dries quickly maintaining its appearance and it is typed with airdry for efficiency of workers. BC-3000 also does not need heat treatment.

Clearcoat BC-4000 - Description:

Clearcoat BC-4000 is a fast dry urethane clearcoat designed for quick repairs where speed is essential. BC-4000 dries out of dust in as fast as 10 minutes and can be lightly polished on the same day.BC-4000 is easy to apply and a high gloss acrylic urethane system with excellent durability.

Clearcoat BC-3100- Description:

Drying property, easy to apply, non-gloss type for plastic bumper

MR-Thinner Series - Description:

Bodyian MR thinner is a series of high quality urethane thinners for Bodyian products. MR thinners are classified as fast, midium, slow and very slow thinners according to the temperature of a work place so it provides you various options.

MR50 - Description:

Bodyian blending solvent MR-50 is a ready-to-spray blending agent used to melt the edge of select topcoats. It is specifically designed as an edge blending solvent for invisible blend repairs where full panel repairs are not desirable.

MK-200 - Description:

Bodyian car cleaner is formulated to remove grease,oil, wax and other contaminants from bare metal, plastics, existing finishes, etc,.

MP-300 - Description:

Plastic Primer MP-300 is single-component, non-sanding, fast-drying adhesion promoters designed for refinishing thermoplastic bumper covers, other exterior and interior plastics, ceramics and nonferrous metal etc.

MF-400 - Description:

Urethane Flexible Additive MF-400 offers you the advantage of one flexible additive for acrylic lacquer, acrylic enamel, polyurethane enamel, acrylic urethane enamel, and primer-surfacers. It adds flexibility to each of these systems. Plus, it’s easy to use and can be applied over a wide range of semi-rigid and flexible plastic parts

MA-500 - Description:

MA-500, reaction accelerator is an additive which stimulate dryness of 2K urethane paint and effictive item to prevent pinhole during drying time.

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