Easicoat E3 Solid Color 2k - Description:

+ Fast drying 2k topcoat for general passenger and business cars.
+ Features good leveling,hard paint film,good gloss ,bright and durable color

E3-1K Basecoat Colors - Description:

+ Made from Weathering resistant resins ,high quality automotive paint with economic price
+ Good hiding power and excellent metallic effect .

EC-800 Clear Coat - Description:

+ Double Pack, Mirror -effect clear coat. It features smooth paint film and good gloss with durable resistance to weather and pollution.

EC-800W Extra Fast Clear Coat - Description:

+ Double pack, mirror-effect, medium solid, extra fast clear coat with easy application and higher mixing ratio with thinner

E3-10 Plastic Primer - Description:

+ A single-component transparent fast drying primer, used to promote adhesion of paint system to plastic parts

E3-20 Epoxy Primer - Description:

+ Give exellent rust proofing for bare metal,good adhension power to steel,aluminium and galvanized steel

E3-40 1K Primer Surfacer - Description:

+ Fast drying one pack primer surface, suitable to cover minor defects in surface of putty or existing finish. It is easy to apply with good filling power and ease of sanding for economical refinishing

E3-50 Filler - Description:

+ Single-component putty with good filling power, fast drying, easy to aplpy and sand, suitable to cover small scratches, sand holes and pinholes

E3-60 1K Flip Controller - Description:

+ Effect additive for metallic colors

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